November 2016 Newsletter

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Community Turns Up, Weighs In on Neighborhood Projects

HomeSight affiliate organizations, On Board Othello and Southeast Economic Opportunity Center, held community gatherings this past Saturday, November 12th, with huge success.

Img 4232
Community members enjoy the Othello/Rainier Beach Community Open House and SEOC Community Meeting on November 12, 2016. Photo courtesy of Abel Ghirmai.

To kick things off, On Board Othello hosted an Othello/Rainier Beach community open house prior to the Southeast Economic Opportunity Center meeting. Over 135 SE Seattle residents were treated to a coffee tasting (more on that below), breakfast, and Saturday morning cartoons alongside thoughtful discussions with activists, public service providers, community-based organizers, and fellow community members. The Open House was the first of three opportunities to voice opinions on which services and opportunities should be offered in Southeast Seattle and which services and opportunities are currently available. The information shared will be used to help advise the next round of neighborhood planning for the Othello and Rainier Beach communities. Be sure to follow On Board Othello on Facebook (@helloothello) for more information on the next open house!

The Open House was followed by the second of four Southeast Economic Opportunity Center (SEOC) community meetings. The SEOC is a proposed community-planned mixed-use project that integrates business, employment, housing, education, and support services in an intentional and equitable way and is led by HomeSight. HomeSight recently contracted with the Jonathan Rose Companies, NDC, and local architecture firm Weber Thompson to study the feasibility of the project. Information gathered at community meetings will directly influence planning for the Opportunity Center. Meetings help answer questions such as what opportunities and services should be offered, how community members can (and should) hold partner agencies accountable, and what it means to find partners and organizations that are culturally-competent. You can find more on the Southeast Economic Opportunity Center at

Southeast Economic Opportunity Center community meetings continue into the first half of 2017. The next meeting is slated for January 21, 2017. Follow the SEOC on Facebook (@SEOCSeattle) for the most current information.

Southeast Seattle Cafes, We Love you a Latte!

Img 2809
Tin Umbrella Coffee, winner of "Best SE Seattle Brew." Photo courtesy of Kyle Powers.

In an incredible gathering of community last Saturday, November 12th, residents, businesses, nonprofits, cultural anchors, and community resources came together to meet one another, share information, and plan for the collective future of our neighborhoods. A daunting task made possible by the support and caffeine provided by three local cafes--Cafe Red, Stone House Bakery, and Tin Umbrella Coffee.

All three cafes offered free samples of fresh brew and shared their stories with the 135+ community members who attended the Open House. In turn, community members voted for their favorite cup of joe and, trust us, the competition was steep!  

While Tin Umbrella took home the “Community Choice Award for Best Coffee,” compliments and adoration poured in for each cafe. Here’s what some community members had to say:

Cafe Red

“My favorite was the Filipino Coffee from Cafe Red. It was smooth--and usually smooth coffees aren’t as flavorful--but this one was smooth and rich and didn’t need any cream or sugar. A billion times better than my large (said in a Boston accent) regular from Dunkin Donuts!”

“I met the two from Cafe Red and they were awesome. I learned that they are now moving into a "building" and with the increasing presence and relationship with the community they thought it was worth the risk to provided a sit down experience  .. and coffee was from the Phillipines... citrusy and yummy.”


Tin Umbrella Coffee

“The Chase Your Dreams blend was the best!”

"The people from Tin Umbrella were great. Their coffee was almost as equally amazing. I don't drink much drip coffee but their light roast was incredible. I may have to start making trips to Hillman City more often."


The Stone House Bakery

“Stone House’s coffee was solid, and the owner at the event was charming and warm. I also don't know how many times I went back for those macadamia cookies. They were that good.”

“The macadamia and chocolate chip cookies were as sweet as the baker himself!”


Spread the Joy With a Toy

Looking to give back? Want to help and support your neighbors in need? The MLK Business Association (MLKBA) Holiday Joy & Toy Drive is one small way that you can make a large impact on the lives of some of Seattle’s most vulnerable women and children. For the third straight year, MLKBA is partnering with Union Gospel Mission to provide toys and other gifts for residents in their transitional shelter for women and children. Transitional housing provides low-cost living and support for women and children needing a fresh start.  It's the last step toward restoration and independence for those who've faced and overcome immense challenges.hjtd-poster

The Drive runs December 3 - 23, 2016, and community members can drop off unwrapped gifts at these conveniently located MLKBA member businesses:

  • Platinum Plush Fashions
  • Kings Clothing Store
  • Dayspring & Fitch Funeral Home
  • Ba Mien Seafood Market
  • Express Tires
  • Strong Insurance Agency
  • HomeSight
  • Evergreen Chiropractic
  • Island Pacific Seafood
  • Rainier Valley Community Development Fund
  • Smile by the Station, and
  • The Station at Othello Park

Look for your Holiday Joy & Toy Drive postcard in the mail or visit any of the participating businesses for details. Also, be sure to join us at the Holiday Joy & Toy Drive kickoff event on Saturday, December 3, 2016, at Seattle's Union Gospel Mission (3800 S. Othello St.) from 12 noon to 4 p.m. The community is invited to attend the festivities which includes a photo station, light snacks and beverages, raffle drawings, and holiday gift bag giveaways. In addition, everyone who donates a gift can also enter into a drawing for several fabulous prizes, including a smart TV!

The Holiday Joy & Toy Drive is also in support of some of Seattle’s most ethnically diverse locally owned businesses. After dropping off a gift at a participating MLKBA member business, be sure to explore our own local, global market. More information about shop Rainier Valley, your local, global market can be found at

Meet HomeSight Staff

There are some people who naturally keep things together. I'm talking Monica from Friends. Scottie from the Bulls. Alice from the Brady Bunch. Even Selena from Taylor's #squad. They may not always be the center of attention but you sure always know when they're there (and not there). Here at HomeSight our glue goes by the name of Patty. Patty Cokus holds the title of Executive Assistant. If you ask anyone around here though you’d know the title only describes a fraction of what she does. Need decorations for a community meeting? Patty’s got your back. How about scheduling a way to get 20 people from the airport to the International District, over to the Central District, back to Downtown, through Cap Hill, down to Columbia City and back? No sweat. Patty’s got a plan.

Patty On  Little  Tahoma Summit
Patty Cokus climbing Little Tahoma. Photo courtesy of Ida Vincent.

What else do you say about the woman who holds this place together? Well, we thought we’d get some tried and true quotes from the mountain-climbing, art-loving, gluten-free eating Syracuse native herself. Get to know Patty Cokus, Executive Assistant, in this edition of The Home Team. 

The Home Team: Patty Cokus, Executive Assistant

1. As resident HomeSight artist (and real artist), what is your shining art moment?

Well, I had a ring featured on the cover of a book called, “1,000 Rings.” The book is still in print. You should be able to find it on Amazon.

Indeed it is! You can find it on Amazon here: 1,000 Rings. Now, will you sign autographs?


You heard it here, folks! Patty Cokus will autograph copies of “1,000 Rings!” Don't miss out!

2. How much orange clothing do you own (Syracuse is home to the Syracuse University Orangemen, who, as you can guess, have orange as a school color)?

Not much. Orange isn’t a good color on me. I do own an Orange Crush t-shirt! (Patty admitted this with pride.)

3. Snow or rain?

You don't have to shovel rain.

4. You’re an avid mountain-climber. What's your most memorable climb?

Probably Glacier Peak. I climbed it with Sean (Patty’s husband) and, at that time, our two dogs. We made harnesses for them and attached them to our rope. It's definitely memorable because while they weren't the first dogs that summited. I'm sure they are two of few.

5. That begs the question, who is a better climber? You or Ava (Patty’s dog)?

I guess Ava doesn’t use a rope, so…

6. Speaking of Ava, she recently needed to have surgery after swallowing a pinecone. What's the weirdest thing you've ingested?

Hmmm...I had a deep fried Twinkie once. I won't be ingesting one of those ever again.

For those of you wondering, Ava recovered from surgery well and is currently back to her German Short-Haired Pointer self (Patty does, however, keep extra attention on Ava when pinecones are present).

7. Are you pissed there isn't a Wegmans here?

Yes! All grocery stores are compared to Wegmans. The bar is, and will always be Wegmans.

8. Let’s end on a useful question. You organize a lot of events here at HomeSight. What are your top three rules-of-thumb for event planning?

  1. Entertain all possibilities.
  2. Don't forget small details. They can make or break your event. They matter!
  3. Accept help. Ask for help. You can't do it alone.