April 2017 Newsletter

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SEOC Feasibility Plan Submitted. Now, We Wait.

Thank you to the over 350 (!) community members who participated in one (or all) of our five SEOC-FB-Cover-Photo_ThankYou.jpg

The SEOC now has seven confirmed partners: the Multi-Cultural Community Coalition (made up of nine community-based organizations), Rainier Valley Community Development Fund, HomeSight, Rainier Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sound Child Care Solutions, Green Dot Public Schools, and Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic. We are also currently in negotiations with the University of Washington, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, and the Employment Security Department. The cost of the project is estimated at about $174 million. This information, as well as the feasibility studies, planning for each SEOC program component (multi-cultural and economic opportunity center, wellness, early learning, housing (rental and ownership), retail, and secondary education) and the campus integration proposal were submitted to the Seattle Housing Authority on April 19th and exercised our option to purchase the vacant lot at the southwest corner of Martin Luther King Jr Way S and S Othello St.

Img 0191
Panelist at the final SEOC meeting. Photo courtesy of Michelle Huynh.

Seattle Housing Authority now has until the end of April to accept our proposal and begin negotiations on a purchase-sale agreement. We are eager to hear Seattle Housing Authority’s response and greatly appreciate every community member and organization’s interest, suggestions, and support. We’ll let you know in early May what will happen next!

HomeSight: Virtual Edition

HomeSight is excited to announce that we will be launching a new virtual platform at the beginning of June! You'll soon be able to connect with us from anywhere in Washington State at any hour of the day. That means homeownership at your pace and on your schedule.HOCCFT.png

Our new virtual platform will allow you to create an online account and receive a personalized road map to homeownership tailored to your goals and resources. You'll be able to schedule your own appointments and, simultaneously, register for workshops and classes. That  means you can take a pre-purchase class, schedule your counseling appointment, and work with our Loan Officer at pretty much the same time (as long as you've cloned yourself). We know your time is valuable. With faster service and completion you then get to spend more time on things like shopping for your new home! Just remember, the more information you provide, the faster our staff can process your requests!

Can’t make it into the office for your appointment? We'll soon be able to video conference your counseling session. Need to pay for a class, appraisal, or credit report? We can take your payment online right when you register or schedule. Need to upload documents for us to review? Upload them directly into your secure account whenever it's convenient for you. You now take control of your homeownership process whenever you have time to log in to your account.

Check back and see our revamped systems soon!

NMLS #49289

It's Time to GiveBIG!

GiveBig-2017-FB-Photo_LucyLeo-01.jpgIt's that time of year again! HomeSight is once again participating in the Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG campaign. From now until Seattle's #GiveBIG day (May 10), you can schedule your donation at givebigseattle.org/homesight or else be sure to mark your calendars for May 10th. Your contribution to HomeSight will help with:

  • Purchase assistance for individuals and families looking for a home
  • Support for local small businesses through marketing and technical assistance and professional development opportunities
  • Development of culturally-relevant, equitable real estate

Find more information and check on progress of various projects on our website or by following one (or all) of our Facebook pages: HomeSight, Southeast Economic Opportunity Center, Hello Othello, and MLK Business Association. Schedule your #GiveBIG gift today!

Meet the Home(Sight) Team

Faduma Ahmed, Loan Servicer. Photo courtesy of Faduma Ahmed.

Not many people have worked in three different departments for the same organization. Let alone departments as different as Community Development, Real Estate Development and Finance. It takes some serious “jack-of-all trades” type skills. And, “jack-of-all trades” is a great way to describe HomeSight Loan Servicing Specialist (at least for now) Faduma Ahmed.

Faduma has been with HomeSight since February 2016 and is currently working on a Master’s in Public Administration at Seattle University. Yes, that’s right, working full-time and going to class in the evening! This ability to manage time and multi-task has come in handy as she organized the SEOC community meetings and maintained our portfolio of home loans. Not a bad way to exercise both sides of the brain. Learn more about Faduma in this month’s The Home Team:

The Home Team: Faduma Ahmed, Loan Servicer

How do you manage school and work at the same time?

I don’t. But, thanks for thinking I do! There’s certainly a lot of stress. I take it week-by-week. If I survive one week then I’ll think about the next.

Do you ever sleep?

Sleep is for the weak! No, I kid. Most adults only need five hours of sleep so I aim for that and I always sleep in on Sundays. However, that means if you ask me to do something on Sunday...you will die. :)

I hear you have eight siblings. What’s it like growing up in that big a family?

It’s amazing! I can’t imagine not growing up with a really big family. Sibling dynamics are fun. You certainly have dictators and peasants (I won’t disclose which siblings are which)! But, the best part was you always had someone to play with and no one ever picked on you because you had a built in #squad. It’s also cool that, including my parents, we can field our own soccer team.

You’re quite the foodie. What’s your favorite dish to make?

I love pasta. Any type of pasta. There's also quite a few Somali dishes that feature pasta.

You also find bananas with Somali dishes. Can you explain the banana?

People always ask that question! Bananas grow abundantly in Somalia so we just happen to serve all our dishes with bananas. It’s a random staple but we do love our bananas. In fact, my mom ate bananas so often her doctor once had to tell her to stop because she had too much potassium in her blood.

You were born and spend your early years in Somalia. Where else have you lived?

After Somalia my family moved to Pakistan for about five years. After which, we immigrated to the United States and settled in Arizona for about a year before we moved up to Washington.

Any fun facts?

I love Japanese anime and Korean soap operas! Oh, and anything Bollywood. This is what happens when you grow up in the amazingly diverse South Seattle!