July 2017 Newsletter

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You Down With OPP? Othello Park Pictures, That Is.

This summer marks the inaugural year for Othello Park Pictures, a FREE outdoor cinema series to be hosted in Othello Park. Friends, families, and neighbors are invited to pack a picnic or grab some grub from the adjacent Othello Business District and head to the park where a 16-ft inflatable screen will project three movies over three evenings--Friday, July 21; Friday, July 28; and, Saturday, August 12. Festivities begin at 7 p.m. and movie will be begin at dusk. Movies will be announced on the On Board Othello Facebook page. Be sure to follow them!


In addition to being a fun event for all ages, Othello Park Pictures aims to tackle negative perceptions of safety in the park by bringing community together to activate the space during evening hours, a time of day which residents noted feeling unsafe in a recently completed community survey.

We would like to thank Communities of Opportunity and Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for supporting Othello Park Pictures.

Oh, and did we mention there will be popcorn?

Project Reinvest Launches in Washington State

There’s a new loan opportunity for eligible borrowers throughout the State of Washington! Project Reinvest, a deferred loan of $10,500, is available to qualified applicants directly through HomeSight. The loans are only available with a conventional, USDA, or VA first mortgage. Additional program information:

  • Available to borrowers making 100% or less of area median income (by household size)
  • $10,500 loan
  • 0% interest
  • Deferred for 30 years
  • Borrower is required to complete eight (8) hours of homebuyer education taught by a HomeSight-approved HUD provider
  • Borrower is required to attend a one-on-one pre-purchase counseling session taught by a HomeSight-approved HUD housing counseling agency
  • First time homebuyer and buying again eligible

Additional first mortgage lender partners coming soon! Contact Ali Sheibani (MLO - 1435927) HomeSight at (206) 760-4228 for more information and to see if you’re eligible for a Project Reinvest deferred loan!

NMLS #49289

Meet the Home(Sight) Team

There is a certain familiarity in an office setting. The hum of a printer, the clicking of a keyboard, the way flip flops flippity-flop during the summer months. Equally as familiar is the way Michael Byers, HomeSight Rescue Loan Originator, rounds a corner. There’s always a spry step, an inquisitive look as if you never know what’s on the other side. It may be because he has almost two year old twins at home. Or, maybe it’s a habit picked up from spending so much time in the midfield of a soccer pitch where your head is constantly on a swivel. But, who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Byers 2
Michael Byers during a simpler time. Photo courtesy of Michael Byers.

However, what we do know is that Michael adds a certain question-asking, football-loving, trivia fact-dropping edge to the HomeSight team. So, learn more about Michael in this month’s The Home Team:

The Home Team: Michael Byers, Rescue Loan Originator

What is the grossest thing your kids have eaten?

A lot of people know about the Cheerios off the sidewalk. I’ve somehow become infamous at HomeSight for that little situation.

Cheerio  Incident
Photo evidence of the start of the 'Cheerio Incident' of 2016. Photo courtesy of Michelle Huynh.

Otherwise, it’s usually just random pieces of food from the kitchen floor that didn’t get swept up. Oh, and then there’s blueberry season. It’s not necessarily gross for the kids but let’s just say that blueberries are really blue and are high in fiber.

Any very “parent-y” moments? You know, the ones where you think to yourself, “man, I can do some serious damage or I totally got this!”

The nice thing is that kids are incredibly resilient. I’m actually amazed by how many times I’ve overreacted.  

What has been your proudest moment as a parent so far?

I felt a lot of pride when I was picking the twins up from daycare and I saw Lucy sitting in the grass by herself one day. She was sitting there all alone examining blades of grass and organizing them along the length of her leg. I know it sounds weird but there was something really nice about knowing the thought and care your children put into something. And, at only almost two years old, I don’t have many experiences to choose from yet.

Well, now that we’ve talked about those cute kids of yours, let’s talk about Michael. You’re a big footy (soccer) fan, what’s your preference? Premier League, Bundesliga, or La Liga?

Haha, well I think I have to go with Premier League. Premier League was the most accessible soccer to watch when cable networks started picking up live games so I’ve become extremely invested in the success of Liverpool. I also had a Welsh soccer coach growing up who cheered for Liverpool (there were a couple Welsh players on the team) so maybe the allegiance started early.

As a soccer fan, any team you enjoy seeing lose?

There’s something really satisfying about watching Manchester United lose (no Pogba or Rooney fans here…).

I have to know then...Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi. Similar to your last question, I also thoroughly enjoy seeing Ronaldo lose.

While you moved around a lot growing up (not only has Michael lived in multiple states, he also spent some time in Saudia Arabia), I know you have a special place in your heart for SoCal. What was the SoCal version of Michael like?

SoCal Michael may have driven a VW Beetle and surfed everyday. The Beetle then may have transitioned into a ‘64 Impala painted midnight blue with medium silver flakes which cruised with Marvin Gaye playing from the speakers. Maybe.

You have quite the sweet tooth. What’s your favorite candy?

SweeTarts. I like sour candies.

Any fun facts?

I’ve never met a v-neck tee I didn’t like.