November 2017 Newsletter

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Statewide Lending Now at HomeSight

Looking to buy a home in King, Pierce or Snohomish County? HomeSight can help. How about in Walla Walla, Spokane, Vancouver, Bellingham, Yakima, or Wenatchee? HomeSight can help there, too - and everywhere in between! HomeSight now offers a range of 1st mortgage and purchase assistance loans to customers across the State of Washington. 

In addition to 1st mortgage products, HomeSight has several purchase assistance loan products available for a variety of eligible households. These down payment products are based on location of purchase and can potentially serve household income levels up to 100% of area median income. The majority of down payment assistance products, however, are limited to 80% of area median income.


We are also pleased to announce that HomeSight has received an investment from the US Treasury in the amount of $926,500 to be used for amortizing 2nd loans as part of our statewide expansion. These amortizing 2nds can be used in combination with the deferred loans mentioned above in order for qualified households to achieve a 20% down down payment and avoid costly FHA and/or conventional mortgage insurance. These amortizing 2nd loans can assist buyers up to 100% of area median income, a higher limit than traditional down payment assistance programs.

For more information contact Ali Sheibani (NMLS #1435927) in HomeSight’s Lending Department at (206) 760-4228 or toll free at (877) 577-2416. You can also email him at

A Fresh New HomeSight


Like a fresh new haircut for the first day of school, HomeSight is feeling shiny, bright, and new! If you haven't checked us out lately, swing by the website and take a look. We're lovin' the new photos, menus and features (check out our new community calendar - and submit your events!) and we hope you do, too. Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think!

Meet the Home(Sight) Team

If there was anyone who could give me a run for my money for most organized desk (see Meet the Home(Sight) Team: Michelle Huynh) at HomeSight, it would be Closing Processor Carolyn Draper. While I’m a firm believer in everything having its place, Carolyn takes it to the next level with an almost spotless desk. It may be because the nature of her work requires order. One does not close as many loans as we do at HomeSight without being incredibly organized. Or, it could be that she grew up with younger twin siblings. Double the trouble, right? Someone had to keep the sibling hierarchy in order. Whatever it is, Carolyn’s been key in keeping things moving in our Homeownership Center. But, before you think she’s all work and no play, let me introduce you to one of Carolyn’s regularly scheduled Thursday emails:


Meet the raccoon dog. Now, why would Carolyn be emailing out such a thing? Find out in this month’s edition of The Home Team:

Meet the Home(Sight) Team: Carolyn Draper, Closing Processor

1. You send an email every Thursday featuring some animal. What’s the weirdest animal so far? And, why’d you start sending the emails?

Last week’s raccoon dog was pretty awesome (image above). It’s said that the raccoon dog inspired the Tanooki suit in the Super Mario Bros. 3 video game. I usually just Google animals and try to find something cool but cute and interesting. The coolest ones I usually can’t disclose because it wouldn’t be appropriate for work. I started doing it as something positive, it was a pick me up for the office. Our daily grind makes you forget about all the fun stuff so after I got a good reaction from the staff on the first email, I made it a thing.

Carolyn Draper, HomeSight Closing Processor

2. You don’t have much on your desk, but I do notice a theme among the things that are displayed. Explain the Bob’s Burgers items.

My family really likes the series. I more begrudgingly like it but once my family caught on to the fact I kind of liked it, I started getting stuff. My dad and brother in particular have started buying me all things Bob’s Burgers - something I’m sure I will forever get. My current collection includes a mug, figurine, hats and clothing.

3. Speaking of clothing. You’re known for sporting HomeSight apparel often. What’s the deal with that?

They were free shirts. I hate shopping so HomeSight apparel means I don’t have to buy more work shirts. I also like cool colors so the ones we have so far all fit my style.

4. You grew up in Puyallup. What’s the most Puyallup thing about you?

That seems like a loaded question. There’s nothing Puyallup about me because Puyallup people are normal. I will however insist the Fair is still the Puyallup Fair. That’s my non-answer.

5. While a Washington native, you decided to go to college in Kentucky. What’s the biggest difference between the two states?

When I was in Kentucky people seemed fake nice. What I mean by that is that they use pet names a lot like darling and sweetheart. It always seemed fake when they call you something like sweetie. I much prefer what they call the Seattle Freeze because it’s at least genuine. If we don’t like you, we don’t talk to you. Oh, Kentucky also lacks the coniferous trees.

6. I’ve noticed you sporting a Stumptown coffee mug. Do you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? And if so what do you look for in a roast and what are your favorite roasters?

No, I’m not a connoisseur. I actually can’t tell the difference between coffee - even day old coffee - and really only drink it for the cream. That mug I just happened to buy while on a trip to Portland with a friend - it was just a cool mug.

7. Are you anti-seafood or just anti-fish? Is it a smell or texture thing?

I’m anti-seafood. It’s both the smell and texture. I don’t know how people eat it. It smells bad. I tried it all. Just no.