January 2018 Newsletter

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We're Building a Co-Op!

We recently hosted two very successful meetings to introduce the limited-equity co-operative homeownership opportunity we’ll be building at the Southeast Economic Opportunity Center (soon to be renamed – vote here by January 30, 2018) site. The meetings, held at Mercy Housing’s Othello Plaza and the New Holly Gathering Hall, attracted interest from nearly 150 community members. There, the community was able to learn about the economic and social benefits of the co-op model and what limited-equity means. A copy of the presentation can be found here. We’ll be holding another meeting on February 2, 2018, to dive into design and financial components. As the community learns about this project and the advantages of a co-op model, we hope to transform more low-income renters here in SE Seattle into thriving local homeowners. 

SEOC-Massing_December-2017.png#asset:2756Future Site of HomeSight's Co-Op Homeownership Opportunity

Is it Time to Re-Fi?

As a full service mortgage lender we can refinance any loan in King, Pierce or Snohomish Counties!


If you or someone you know has been waiting to refinance – wait no more! When you refinance with HomeSight you gain access to a refinance product tailored to assist homeowners who purchased with down payment assistance loans. In addition, your refinance loan will help support our homebuyer purchase programs for first time homebuyers – that's what we call a double win!

Contact our Loan Originator, Ali Sheibani (MLO #1435927) at ali@homesightwa.org or 206-760-4228, today for your refinance quote.

Curbed is Here!...Finally.

curbed-illustration.jpg#asset:2750It was a big lift but it's finally up and available for use! Curbed: A Plan to Mitigate Displacement in Othello and Rainier Beach was an over year-long effort (June 2016 - October 2017) by HomeSight, Rainier Beach Action Coalition, Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County, and countless residents, volunteers, and partners. The result of the extensive surveying, community open houses, and comprehensive data analysis, is a neighborhood plan outlining community-led projects and programs that address community identified needs.

Check out Curbed: A Plan to Mitigate Displacement in Othello and Rainier Beach to see what we learned and what we're looking to do next!

Meet the Home(Sight) Team

By Carolyn Draper, Closing Processor

Soft-spoken and hard working, Rita Sanchez-Fasso often avoids the spotlight. Even getting an interview with her took some convincing. One thing Rita isn’t shy about is sharing food, and lots of it.

As HomeSight’s Loan Processor, Rita plays a key role in getting our loans closed in a timely fashion and in addition, ensures that no one in the Homeownership Center goes hungry. This has become vitally important as HomeSight’s lending production has skyrocketed over the past year. Hummus and vegetables, homemade baked goods, and cheeses of all varieties cover the top surface of a central filing cabinet, providing much needed energy to keep our lending department going day in and day out.

While Rita is humble in her work, that doesn’t mean we won’t take this moment to boast about the ways in which she subtly holds a team together, both in her role in lending and also in inspiring community building at our office through food – an attribute she developed growing up with a chef, her father.

Learn more about Rita in this month’s edition of The Home Team:

Meet the Home(Sight) Team: Rita Sanchez-Fasso, Loan Processor

How long have you been in lending and how have things changed?

I’ve been in mortgage banking since 1984. I saw it go from 10 loans in the pipeline to 110 in weeks. And that was way before the big boom!


Why did you decide to move to HomeSight?

I liked what it stood for and I felt I had a lot to give back to the community because of my years of experience.

You’re from West Seattle. Have you always lived there?

I was raised in West Seattle. I’ve lived in my current home for 30 years. I purchased it as a young single woman and because of my knowledge of the mortgage banking industry was able to find a program that worked with modest income (this was before HomeSight existed). I love everything about West Seattle except the bridge and the changes like the high rises.

You seem very attached to your dog Cooper. Tell me about him.

He’s cute and spoiled but he’s loveable. My plan when I retire is to bring more 4-legged creatures into my family.

Speaking of retirement, what’s your dream retirement situation?

Being super rich! (laughs) I’d love to have a second home in a small, quiet town and lots of 4-legged creatures.

What was it like growing up with a chef for a father?

As a kid we ate well all the time. It’s definitely where my appreciation for good food came from. Back in the 60s, our family only had one car, so we’d go with my mom to pick my dad up from work and the waitresses doted on us. Not that I ever wanted to work in the restaurant business. It’s too hard! One of his last jobs as a chef was in the First Hill neighborhood. I think the restaurant – Vito’s – is still there. It’s old-school Italian. He also worked at Italio’s on MLK. I think it was the one and only Italian restaurant in Othello in the 70s and 80s. We once went as an office to a restaurant in the same building where Italio’s used to be.

You’re very loyal to your hairdresser. Why is he so great?

He’s super good. He’s the most talented hairdresser I’ve run into in 30 years, I think. And he’s interesting to talk to since he hails from Buenos Aires and has lots of stories.

Tell me about your hobbies.

I love gardening, mostly vegetables and dahlias. I like garage sale-ing. I like refurbishing wooden furniture, hand-painting furniture, and minor upholstery.

What’s the coolest refurbishment project you’ve ever done?

I’d say chairs are my specialty. I found a pair at a garage sale and I repainted them and gave them to my sister. Another time I re-did these four little barstools and brought them into the office for a coworker. Everyone was oo-ing and ah-ing over them. Someday I’d love to flip furniture for a few extra bucks.

Have you always had an artistic streak?

Yeah. I’d say it was through fashion when I was younger. I had an eye for fashion. I loved repurposing things from second-hand stores. I wanted to dress people. Twice a year a friend of mine would take me shopping with her so I could help her put together her look for work.