HomeSight is always looking for ways to better engage with the communities we work in and help to bring more access to opportunities and resources, here are a few projects we’re currently working on:

  • Communities of Opportunity

HomeSight is the convening agency for Communities of Opportunity (COO) in the Rainier Valley. Communities of Opportunity is a cross-collaborative initiative sponsored by Public Health – Seattle & King County and The Seattle Foundation. The initiative identifies specific needs of local residents and allows receipts to work with their communities to co-design effective programming. Learn more.

  • Ready to Work

Ready to Work (RTW) is an innovative program that combines English Language proficiency, digital literacy and job skills development to prepare students to enter or advance in the workforce. Unlike more traditional English language programs, RTW teaches basic internet skills and directly connects students with potential employers. Learn more.  

  • Plate of Nations

Plate of Nations, signature event of the MLK Business Association, was designed to collectively promote independently-owned restaurants in the MLK community. Immigrants from around the world have settled in the Rainier Valley and started businesses including restaurants that provide cultural favorites for ethnic communities looking for a taste of home. Learn more.

And a few we’ve worked on in the past:

Community Leadership Institute (CLI)

In June of 2008, HomeSight, with support from NeighborWorks America, sponsored a Community Leadership Institute (CLI) in the Rainier Valley. The focus of CLI was to provide empowering training for local residents who want to participate in civic activities and who would like to improve their knowledge and skills around community leadership. With help from NeighborWorks professionals and local community organizers, HomeSight created an engaging series of workshops uniting diverse groups in the Rainier Valley who plan to work together effectively around civic activities. Participants have committed to broadly share their knowledge and skills gained form this training. Several participants from this event where invited to attend a National CLI in the city of San Jose in October of 2008. The San Jose group is in the planning stages for an even more innovative leadership training.

Othello Station Area Community Advisory Team (OSCAT)

OSCAT formed to establish and maintain contact with the developers of buildings planned around the Othello light rail station at MLK and Othello streets. Its purpose is to ensure the creation of a thriving pedestrian friendly town center around the station in accordance with the Othello Neighborhood Design Guidelines. OSCAT is an action oriented results driven group of dedicated citizens. We have sponsored two highly successful Othello Station Area Development Forums. According to the OSCAT work-plan the group will sponsor two Forums a year until the Othello Town Center development is complete.