Curbed Illustration


HomeSight, along with our partners Rainier Beach Action Coalition and Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County have put together Curbed: A Plan for Mitigating Displacement in Othello/Rainier Beach.

Curbed builds off the organizing and advocacy work that has been taking place in Othello and Rainier Beach for the past decade—from the neighborhood plans developed by community in coordination with the City of Seattle, to the community-based coalitions that have emerged to
steward those plans, and the new cross-sector collaborative investments that highlight community led solutions—elevating them to a policy and systems level.


To further advance community initiatives, Curbed connects the Othello and Rainier Beach neighborhoods along the Link Light Rail line, the area where much of the planned growth and development is targeted. In linking the two neighborhoods, Curbed focuses on creating one cohesive plan to leverage the neighborhood’s combined capacity, advocate for complementary projects, and mitigate displacement across the entire geographic area.

Data from a community survey and open houses were used to identify opportunities and challenges in Othello/Rainier Beach and informed the 14 community-led projects and programs developed to address them. 

Curbed is presented as a last stand for bringing long-term, place-based, equitable investment to the community so that we may prevent displacement and preserve the unique fabric of our
region – before it’s too late. 

Download the Curbed one-page summary.
Download the entire Curbed plan.