HomeOwnership Center Team

Moussa Samb
HomeOwnership Center Director

Renai Mielke
Homebuyer Development Program Manager

Jennifer De Montigny
Operations Manager

Robin Finley
Senior Underwriting & Compliance Officer

Pat Montgomery
Homebuyer Counselor
Wanda Luz Maldonado
Homebuyer Counselor
Rita Sanchez-Fasso
Senior Mortgage Loan Processor
Brooke Gibson
Loan Originator
Chloe Wattles
Salesforce Champion & Front Desk Associate

Janet Jaime Rodriquez
Disclosures/Processor Assistant
Jeff Lombard
Post Closer
Shatrice Watkins
Loan Originator Assistant
Ana Vargas Capistran
Processor Assistant

Moussa Samb, Homeownership Center Director

Moussa holds a Homeownership Counseling Certification for Program Managers and Executive Directors. As Director of the Homeownership center, Moussa oversees seven full-time staff, ensuring efficient service delivery, compliance with all federal / state program regulations, and attainment our performance goals.

He brings an extensive financial background with 20+ years of experience in retail banking, investment services, and mortgage lending, with a proclivity for the nonprofit sector as influenced by his own experiences. Moussa is a community outreach leader who strives to assist underserved low- and moderate-income populations in diverse cultural settings.

Renai Mielke, Homebuyer Development Program Manager

Renai joined the HomeSight team in 2015, after her own life was changed by using down payment assistance to become a first-time homebuyer. She is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and has earned an NCHEC Certificate in Homeownership Counseling. Renai has worked in many roles at HomeSight and currently holds a position as Homebuyer Development Program Manager in direct support of HomeSight’s Homebuyer Education & Counseling programs. Renai’s work focuses on supporting a team of homeownership counselors and client services staff, as well as program oversight, service delivery & compliance, data management & reporting for program funders, executive level staff, and board members. Renai has extensive knowledge of down payment assistance programs and homebuyer development.

Renai came to HomeSight with over 8 years of professional experience in accounting & finance roles and has previously worked in a diverse range of fields including residential construction, fashion design, and commercial seafood distribution. She was born & raised in Southeast Alaska and in her time outside of work enjoys backpacking, learning about wild & native foods, gardening, skiing, and baking.

Jennifer De Montigny, Operations Manager

Jennifer has over 19 years of experience of back-office mortgage lending operations.  She has worked previously as Loan Officer Assistant and as a Loan Processor.  Her prior positions helped make her well versed in the lending business.  Her prior  managerial experience is enabling her to be a great supervisor to her current HOC team.  Jennifer has extensive experience in regards about credit analysis, and income calculations.  She is also very familiar with most the lending products, such as conventional and FHA.  Jennifer is fully embracing the various HomeSight down payment assistance programs. Jennifer’s experience will be useful with the new products being rolled out such as the VISTA Loan, or the Halal Loan. Jennifer’s leadership has is a great asset that has led to a smooth functioning the HOC department.

Robin Finley, Underwriting and Compliance Officer

Robin has always wanted to ensure equitable access to lending for minorities and with that goal, she came to HomeSight 12 years ago. Her duties consist of underwriting loan files and ensuring loan files are consistent with GSE, state and federal regulations. Before HomeSight, She was in banking working in branch operations, consumer lending, mortgage loan lending and servicing.  She also worked with other non-profit agencies to ensure their programs complied with secondary marketing guidelines. In her spare time, she likes to travel and spend time with her grandchildren.

Pat Montgomery, HUD Certified Homeownership Counselor

Pat has been a proud member of HomeSight since 1995.  She brings an extensive amount of experience to HomeSight regarding home ownership.  She has been a housing counselor for the past 20 years.  After taking many years of Neighborworks and HUD required courses she is now a HUD Certified Homeownership Counselor.    Pat’s main focus is to help low to moderate income families become mortgage ready.  She makes them feel like homeownership and being part of a community is definitely a possibility.  She is very knowledgeable in all types of assistance programs and stays on top of current guidelines for the programs.

Pat was born and raised in the City of Seattle and one of her favorite past times is to hang out with family on the weekends.  She has been part of the Columbia City community for more than 30 years.

Wanda Luz Maldonado, Homebuyer Counselor

Wanda Maldonado joined the HomeSight Team in 2018. Wanda has been working with non- profit organizations for over 8 years as a housing counselor. She is a highly experienced counselor who has been certified by NeighborWorks of America, NCHEC Certificate in Homeownership counseling, and the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Wanda has a passion for advocating for the Latinx community, helping close the opportunity gap by building economic wealth through financial education, goal planning, home purchase and credit repair.

Rita Sanchez-Fasso, Senior Mortgage Loan Processor

Over 30 years lending experience, Rita has worked for various banks and lending institutions throughout the Puget Sound area, but for the past 7 years, she has been focused in non profit lending.  With many years of training, she's been able to assist and support the HomeSight HomeOwnership Center Lending Team and help homebuyers to achieve their goal of home ownership.

Rita enjoys home gardening and foraging in the beautiful and abundant Pacific Northwest.

Brooke Gibson, Loan Originator - MLO #2024357

Brooke Gibson is a full-time lending professional, with an educational and professional background. She has a genuine passion for helping people become homeowners, increasing Black homeownership and building generational wealth. Fully committed to offering the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire process, she will be there to guide you, every step of the way. Clients can feel confident in knowing their best interests come first. A south Seattle native and proud mother of two children, she believes strongly in giving back to her community. She has a dedication to exceptional client service, working to provide her clients with a successful and memorable outcome.  As a loan originator, Brooke is excited to help low to moderate income folks realize their American dreams of homeownership.

Chloe Wattles, Office Coordinator

Chloe joined the HomeSight team in 2020 as a Front Desk Coordinator. Since then, her title was changed to Salesforce Champ & Front Desk Associate. With this new role there is a focus to develop and identify strategies for continual improvement, efficiency, and production of Salesforce and how it is used within our organization. Chloe serves as primary point of contact for SBI Tech support in troubleshooting issues and customizing the tech. With her being the main point of contact for all things SalesForce Chloe develops and delivers training to staff within HomeSight on SalesForce. Chloe’s impact working directly with HomeSight’s Homebuyer Education & Counseling programs targets organization of ongoing and upcoming education events along with helping counselors with organization.

In her free time, she enjoys outside work, likes to do any or all water sports, cooking, traveling, as well as art.

Janet Jaime-Rodriguez, Loan Officer Assistant

Janet currently serves as Loan Processer Assistant at Homesight after her previous background in retail banking. Janet enjoys serving the community and has spent the last few years as a volunteer with El Centro de La Raza, a sister organization to HomeSight that serves the Latino community in various programmatic aspects involving education, health, and community building. Janet is a graduate of Year Up where she excelled in the program and learned the skills and foundation that make her an invaluable asset to the HomeSight community. Janet enjoys spending time with her family and is an advocate for health alternatives such as midwifery and chiropractic care for the Latino community. HomeSight clients love working with Janet as she is always at the front line ready to support and assist on collecting client information and needs.

Jeff Lombard, Post Closer

Jeff joined HomeSight late last year at the end of October.  He came out of a Real Estate background that saw his budding new business fall on hard times during the pandemic.  He found that inserting oneself into a community and learning to engage with those of a community was something he enjoyed about Real Estate.  When given the opportunity to align himself with a community based lender within the community he already serves… Well, it was a no brainer.

Outside of work Jeff is an avid sports fan who enjoys participating in them as well.  He plays golf, tennis and basketball.  He’s developed a Keen interest in Numismatics (coin collecting) and collector of precious metals.

Shatrice Watkins - Loan Originator Assistant

Hey ya’ll! My name is Shatrice. I am originally from Louisville, KY. I moved to Seattle this August, and I am always looking for new things to try. I have lived in Beijing and Philly. My background is in retail banking and consumer loan processing, both with banks and credit unions. I have a degree in Political Science with a minor in Race and Gender Studies.

My hobbies are reading, watching movies (especially horror) and anime, hiking, and trying new foods. I am looking forward to working with everyone!!

Ana Vargas Capistran - Processor Assistant

I was born and raised in Mexico City and lived there until the age of nine; after the age of nine,  my family moved to Saint Louis, MO. When raising our own family, my husband and I decided to move states and raise our children in a different environment, our family loves to hike, go to the lakes and just have adventures. So, we moved to Maple Valley, Washington in 2017. Since moving to Washington, I was inspired to create a website that helps Latinx parents be more involved in their children’s studies.  It has always been my passion to help members of our communities and after being in the customer service and management for over 10 years – I joined HomeSight to help families make their American dream of buying a home come true.