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Executive Services

Linda Flanagan Freeburg, Interim Executive Director
Tony To, Director Emeritus and Othello Square Project Director
Patty Cokus, Executive Assistant

Loan Portfolio Services

Tom Jacobi, Chief Portfolio Officer

Finance & Admin Services

Lana Vahala-Marcus, Chief Financial Officer
Tiffani Baker, Grant Accounting Analyst
Pamela Mayo, Staff Accountant
Carolyn Draper, Loan Servicer

Human Resources and IT

Joseph Thomas, Director of Human Resources and IT

Community & Real Estate Development

Uche Okezie, Director of Community and Real Estate Development
Sarah Valenta, Community & Business Development Manager
Meron Kasahun, Community Development Consultant
Faduma Ahmed, Project Coordinator
Ali Fujino, Capital Campaign Fundraising Director
Rachel Eagan, Capital Campaign Manager

HomeOwnership Center

Melody Dawe, HomeOwnership Center Director
Renai Mielke, Program Implementation Manager

Lending Department
Robin Finley, Underwriting and Compliance Officer
Rita Sanchez-Fasso, Mortgage Loan Processor
Ali Sheibani, Loan Originator
Nicole Miller, Closing Processor
Danielle Slack, Loan Operations Coordinator
Saiful Zaidreen (Reen) Md Yusof, Program Coordinator

Counseling Department
Pat Montgomery, Homebuyer Counselor
Wanda Luz Maldonado, Homebuyer Counselor
Sydney Allen, Front Desk Coordinator